We just spent five days on the North Carolina beach with Stuart's family (his brother, brother's wife, their two kids, and Stuart's parents). Anya still had a fever the day we left, Daniel had a trip to the ER within the first 24 hours (that was resolved quickly enough, everyone's OK, so don't panic), there's a possibility Daniel has a mild ear infection (unrelated to the ER trip), my flight home was delayed by hours (I am home a few days early  for work reasons and the rest of my family is still in NC), we all got sunburned, my BIL's canopy was ripped apart by the wind...

...but really and truly, we had a great time.

We really did. Fun was had! Shells were collected! Cousins bonded! Beer was consumed (by adults)! Ice cream was consumed (by kids and adults)! Dolphins were sighted!

It was just what a vacation should be.

And now I'm preparing for the biggest luxury a mother of young children could ever hope for in her wildest dreams: two days. Alone. In my house. I will be accompanying some auditions this weekend, so I had to come home earlier than the rest of my family, but I have a couple days to chill before those happen. This is the first time ever, EVER, that I've had this freedom. I'm so tired from spending 12 solid hours in airports (thank-you-very-much-Delta-airlines-NOT) that I can't properly enjoy it yet. But after a good night's sleep and a hot shower I plan to spend a whole day doing just what I want. I'll get up when I feel like it, prepare food only when I'm hungry, run errands at my leisure, maybe even read a book in the middle of the day...and I'll do my best not to feel guilty about any of it.



Anonymous said…
I was reminded of you at a blog I recently stumbled upon. The part that reminds me of you is her type of music career, and some of her outlook on life, not the hoarding part (that was what I was there for, ha). Sort of sparked by Lent, she decided to post, well, she intended it to be daily for a year, but it looks like it turned out to only be under two months, but she posted pics of what she was clearing out of her apartment to declutter, and she writes a little something about that item's role in her life, and what she has decided to do with it (such as donate, sell, or trash). I know your free now is super-rare, so I am not trying to bug you to spend it on this, but I thought I would mention it. The part that starts at day one of this project is at . Also, you might find it interesting to see how she has done by middle age with similar musical skills you have (she pieces together jobs as a church music director, college piano accompanist, other piano and voice instructing, etc.), but with staying single and child-free (it seems, I don't think she said specifically), and now in New York City. She recently downsized residences to the extreme -- now _sharing_ a _studio_ (not even a one bedrrom) apt. I imagine you can relate to some of her frustration at, for example, applying for a certain theater gig, and then later being asked to take it on for free, which she declines. -Sarah in Topeka

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