five on friday: random

1. It's so cold here this winter that we celebrate when the thermometer hits double digits. Even when the wind is gusting 30mph. It could get cold enough next week that they'll have to cancel school again.

2. Canceling school here is mind-blowing. They don't do it unless we have an overnight blizzard that dumps a foot or more of snow, or if the windchill is -35F or colder.

3. As far as I'm concerned, they might as well cancel school because Daniel has the flu and doesn't look to be getting better any time soon.

4. So what am I going to do about the six (6!) rehearsals I scheduled here over the weekend? I have no fucking idea. I am decently prepared, actually, thanks to relegating sick people to the basement to watch TV so I can cram-practice. I just don't know how I can invite all these people to come into my pigsty of a house with germs EVERYWHERE and say, "Yes! Let's make some music together!!"

5. It's been a long week.

(Yeah, being a SAHM is such a luxury.)


Jessi said…
I think we're into June, now. Snow days are killing me, not because I hate them, but because I get used to sleeping late all over again and then we have another regular school day. I think I'm ready for summer break.

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