five on friday: what i am not doing right now

5 Things I Should Be Doing Right Now:

1. Practicing. I have some difficult spots to work out on the music for grad auditions next weekend.

2. Folding laundry. Always.

3. Writing to my reps in the state legislature about Special Needs Vouchers and why they are a terrible idea and bad for public education in Wisconsin.

4. Making dinner, because while my family is eating it I will be in a rehearsal, so it has to get done way ahead of time.

5. Scrubbing the toilets, because you know. Toilets need scrubbing from time to time.

5 Things I Would Rather Be Doing Right Now:

1. Planning a vacation somewhere warm and sunny.

2. On vacation somewhere warm and sunny.

3. Having tea with another grown-up person and chatting about something other than who's sick and what housework needs to be done.

4. Knitting.

5. Yoga.

5 Things I Actually Got Done Today:

1. WALKED BOTH KIDS TO SCHOOL. This hasn't happened in over 2 weeks.

2. Ran four miles. It's been 11 days, so it hurt a little bit, but it hurt gooooood.

3. Laundry. I just haven't folded it (see above).

4. Thought about practicing.

5. Thought about scrubbing toilets.

It's not nothing, right?


Anonymous said…
You just do what you gotta do.
Anonymous said…
Love the updated pic!
Steph said…
I've been putting off taking out the compost for about three days.

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