happy birthday, joe!

34 years ago today Mount St. Helens erupted near Portland, OR, after more than a month of quiet. At approximately the same time that day, in a hospital in Albuquerque, NM, my little brother Joe was born. I was only 19 months old at the time, so I remember nothing about it, though I'm told I was not happy about having a squalling little person invading my space and taking up all the attention from my parents.

Now, Joe lives halfway across the country and I wish I could see him more often. I feel bad I didn't even get his birthday gift sent until today so he won't get it until later this week. I think when he opens it up he'll understand, though, and I hope he doesn't mind.

I thought about making a list of 34 things you should know about Joe, but he probably would mind that. Since I'm his big sister I'd probably just embarrass him anyway.

Happy birthday, Joe! Relax...have a home-brew.


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