A cold front came through last night and left us positively chilled here. It was barely 60 degrees late this morning when we should have been at swimming lessons, but hypothermia didn't sound like much fun so I decided we could skip today. It felt like a mid-September day, cloudy and cool and breezy, except that it's the middle of summer! This morning, I picked my first cucumber, the first sunflower bloomed, and my tomatoes are only beginning to pale in color; they're not close to ripe.

School has been out for a month already and while I've settled into a pretty good routine with the kids - I think we finally struck a decent balance of enough organized activities to keep them from getting bored without being over-scheduled - I've accomplished practically nothing on my own aside from keeping up with the regular housework and pulling weeds in various gardens. I made what I thought was quite a modest list of things I wanted to get done this summer, and what have I crossed off that list? Nothing. Goose egg.

It's frustrating. I have almost no childcare this summer, the one exception being two hours of summer enrichment at a nearby school from 8-10 every morning. Daniel and Anya are both really enjoying it, and the early time slot gets us going every day, but those two hours they're in class are just enough time for me to get some chores and errands done (laundry, dishes, groceries, gardening) or get some much-needed exercise (lately I've been running 4-5 miles of trails on Lake Mendota, which is delightful.) This leaves no time leftover for the bigger projects I fully intended to tackle this summer.

I suppose it's only mid-July. There is still time...


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