good things

Today is a day I should practice gratefulness. I should do that any day, but especially days I'm feeling overwhelmed for no particular reason and convinced of my own mediocrity.

I'll try not to make this list too trite, yes? So here we go, some good stuff about today:

1. Biking to work. The weather for this isn't going to last long, so I need to be grateful for the warm sunshine while I've got it.

2. Kids who can read on their own and like it, even if that means all they read is Captain Underpants and Garfield comics.

3. Dinner that turned out okay, though I wasn't sure what it was going to be when I started making it. (You kind of can't go wrong with onions and olive oil and tomatoes).

4. A good book to read. I actually need some recommendations, please! I'm in the mood for some good fiction. I love a good novel, but I'm open to all suggestions at the moment.

5. Eye candy for knitters. This was just released today. I don't know if I'll make anything from it because all the big, boxy sweater shapes are not for me, but the stunning photography and pattern work on those sweaters and scarves are enough to make me swoon.

6. Fresh herbs. Soon it will freeze and I won't have basil right outside my back door any longer! I better harvest what I've got and make a nice big batch of pesto.

That's it for me today. What are you grateful for?


Strangeite said…
The Doomsday Book by Connie Willis.

In the near future, the most powerful department on university campuses is the History department because a time machine has been invented and historians are able to go back in time to study the past.

This is just the setup to an amazing period piece showing daily life in the dark ages. I had never heard of it until it appeared on NPR's list of the top 100 Sci-Fi and Fantasy books. Although any on that list would serve you well.
Suze said…
Oh, thanks Roy. I just read Bellwether and liked it a lot.

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