this is why fast food was invented

Let me tell you about my afternoon. I had to work all day while the kids were at school, and once we got home, I had to quick shove snacks into them before hauling them with me to the UW campus so I could play for someone in her voice studio class before dropping them off at soccer practices in two completely different parts of the city. My afternoon was going to be a crazy series of driving back and forth between about 3 different places and hoping I wasn't late for anyone. My dinner plan was contingent upon me having a few minutes to stop at the store for bread and a few minutes at home to mix up egg salad and find an acceptable side vegetable. 

Alas, we all know what happens to best-laid plans.

Voice class went fine, but as soon as we arrived at Anya's soccer practice, I picked up my purse from the car and realized it felt lighter than it should have. Sure enough, my wallet was gone. It must have fallen out in the room where voice class was held, so I frantically texted and called the singer (who was still in class) to see if she could find it and hang onto it for me. Just as I was leaving with Daniel, I got a call from Stuart, who was stuck with a flat tire on his bike 15 miles away and needed a ride home. 

So much for dinner plans. I had a wallet to find, a husband to rescue, two kids to get to and from their practices, and absolutely no way to set one priority above the other. Well, ok. People are more important than wallets, I'll give you that, but no one was hurt or sick or alone and it would suck so hard to have to cancel my credit and bank cards, you know?

So I left Anya at soccer practice while Daniel and I drove back to the music building where I parked illegally before we both sprinted inside and happily located my missing wallet just as the voice class was letting out. (Whew.)Then I stopped at home long enough to grab the bike rack before dropping Daniel off at soccer practice and drove out to the country road where Stuart was waiting patiently for me to pick him up. As he put the rack and the bike on the car, I texted the dad of one of Anya's friends and asked if she could ride home with them because their house is near where Daniel was at soccer practice and also on our way home from The Rescue. The other dad very kindly agreed (Whew again).

As if I need to tell you, the egg salad never got made. Anya was disappointed because she loves egg salad so much, but the rest of us are relieved to have gotten home and eaten dinner before it was anyone's bedtime. Thank goodness for Chipotle. 


Suze said…
(from Claire, whose comment I accidentally deleted when I meant to click "publish"! Sorry, Claire!)

Reading about your day had me biting my nails to see how all of it was going to end. Yikes!

Chipotle is our fallback, too. We also have a really, REALLY good (I think they're the same owners as Sai Bai Thong) take-out less than a mile from us. We go there a little too often.

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