So, we made it to Scotland! The trip here was fairly uneventful, except that none of us got any sleep on the overnight flight, so yesterday is a bit of a blur. After sleeping for 14 straight hours, we got up and ate breakfast at lunchtime, and then spent the afternoon at Edinburgh Castle. It's a pretty amazing place, that castle, built high, high up on a rock face in the middle of the city. What follow are some pictures from today. I've added captions to a few of them.

View of the castle from Princes St.

A cannon. There are a lot of old cannons there.

Old stone building in the middle of the castle. I forget exactly which one this is... 

A room in the military prison.
Sleeping conditions in the War Prison were less than ideal. Those are a bunch of hammocks suspended above bunks.

Many, many weapons in the Great Hall.

More weapons, plus armor!

The views were spectacular.
After an afternoon at the Castle, we walked a long way to get to one particular fish and chips joint, and then accidentally ordered from the takeout side. There was discussion of just how inappropriate would it be to sit down in the restaurant with our takeout boxes and eat in there because we were so tired and hungry, but in the end we took our food and walked all the way back to the rental. It was the right decision. Sitting in the warm, quiet place we are calling "home" for the few nights we are here felt really good. According to some app on Stuart's phone, we walked over 8 miles today, so I'm hoping we can sleep reasonable hours and get on a good schedule tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
Princes St. Hmm. Prince, princes, princess. A CarTalk puzzler. A word is singular, add an "s" and it becomes plural, add another "s" and it changes to singular.

They had to quarry a lot of rock.

Its location looks like it could be well defended, until airplanes and bombs. On a hill. No flat approach but quite an uphill slog.

Cannon balls. You had a picture but there was no "scale" to use for approximate size. About what is the diameter? Just wondering.

It has to be cooler there then here. You should feel lucky you are there and not here.


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