last day in Edinburgh

Our trip to Scotland is not confined to Edinburgh. As lovely as we find this city, we have more exploring in the Highlands to do. So before we leave tomorrow for Inverness, I'm posting these pictures of today's adventures.

Boy oh boy is jet lag a bitch. We dragged ourselves out of bed at 9:30 this morning and after a long breakfast and couple of false starts, we set off for Arthur's Seat on foot. It was a long walk there, and a long walk up, but worth it. What a view.

Scotland, as far as I can tell, really is this green and gray all at the same time.

Yes, I edited this to look like Daniel has a slight halo. Hee here hee.

The kids reclined in a portion of the park they called "Arthur's footrest"

This was the easy part of the trail...

Daniel contemplates a cliff while I look on nervously.
Stuart's phone tells us we walked 10.3 miles and more than 23,500 steps today. I believe it! My feet and calves are aching. Tomorrow, since we have to drive (ack) to another city we'll get a little break from all the walking. Stay tuned for the next adventure!


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