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A few days ago I got back home from a 10-day road trip with Daniel and Anya to visit my brother and SIL in the Boston area. We brought along our camping gear and took our time - four days - to get there. Looking back, it was pretty ambitious to drive them all the way to New England on my own, especially with tent camping we did along the way. I've always loved traveling, though, and I've been going on road trips ever since I can remember. Stuart flew out for the long weekend, but didn't have the vacation days to come with us for the long drive, so I just packed up the kids and camping gear and we went on our own. (Flying all of us out there would have been too expensive and not nearly the adventure.)

Of course, things have changed since I was a kid. Air-conditioning, credit cards, and smartphones with GPS all make it possible to have a comfortable trip without too much advanced planning (though I have a road atlas I use about as much as my phone for planning the long routes). And let's not overlook the fact that the iPad set up in the back seat with many MANY episodes of The Simpsons made our longer days of driving (12 straight hours on the first day coming home) bearable. Back in my day we played the alphabet game, read books in the back seat, and stared out the window at the world speeding by. There are only so many times you can play the alphabet game, though, Daniel gets carsick if he reads in the car, and staring out the window can get a little old in the less scenic parts of the drive.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw plenty of snapshots and snippets from the trip. I did bring the nicer camera, too, so what follows are the better pictures I took along the way. It's a little random, but such is blogging. Enjoy!

All the camping pictures are from our third night, when we finally got there and got everything set up with some spare time for play and for me to take photos. We were in the southern Adirondacks on the Sacandaga River just outside of Wells, NY (not terribly far from Gloversville, where novelist Richard Russo was born and raised).

The Sacandaga River, just steps away from our campsite.

Early evening light on the rocks.

Daniel tends the fire.

Happy campers
 Our first day with Joe we walked the Freedom Trail in Boston.

The state house with its golden dome. Dare I say the Wisconsin state Capitol is a bit more impressive?

Future Democrats...

Sleepy pooch in Charlestown.
 We spent a day at Tully Lake, a popular destination for camping, fishing, boating, hiking, and disc golfing.

Joe and MJ watch someone's disc fly through the air.

Dry riverbed.

This picture of Anya is so sweet. Too bad she has cracker crumbs and smears of sunscreen on her face. Or maybe that just makes it more endearing.

Boston Harbor


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