On Friday, the new kitchen floor looked like this:

It's not that shiny anymore. I snapped that picture with my phone soon after the sealer was applied, so the floor was still wet. And oh so stinky. I had to leave the house for a few hours to escape the fumes.

The finish work on the floor wrapped up this weekend. Since we are basically living in the basement for eating and recreation, and since the floor goes all the way up to the basement door, we just hunkered down there for a few hours yesterday morning and this morning until the polyurethane was dry enough to walk on.

This was our view from the stairs:

That fellow you see with the roller is J. J's favorite superlative is "prettydamn." As in: "I used 'special walnut' to stain the oak floor in that bedroom closet and it's not an exact match, but prettydamn close, I'd say." And "We'll get these fans going on that floor and it'll dry prettydamn fast."

Thanks, J, for your willingness to work so quickly and over the weekend. And also? The floor looks prettydamn nice.


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