new year blues

Right. It's 2016. I feel like that big changeover to a new calendar kind of got past me somehow. We traveled to Kentucky for about a week over Christmas, and then came home to the massive remodeling project which was originally projected to be done by now but is only about 2/3 of the way there...really, there's nothing big to complain about, but I don't feel like there are any fresh starts, either.  This morning I made a to-do list of about 20 things I need to accomplish (send in my work contract, turn in library books, pick up groceries for the third time this week, reply to a few emails I've been ignoring) and it was so very underwhelming. Utterly mundane. Banal.

Whenever I go into a new year gungho to stay organized and keep the house clean, I fizzle out about ten days in, so at least I've got my expectations in line this time around. It doesn't help that my birthday is a few days after Christmas, so just when everyone is over the holiday sugar rush it's time for MORE cake and MORE presents. And I'm getting to the age when another birthday is another reminder of how little I've accomplished professionally.

Give me a little time and I'll find my groove again. I always do. Maybe in time for Chinese New Year...


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