It's time for me to collect little Daniel and head out the door for the final class day of the Early Music Festival, but he's still napping and I haven't the heard to wake him up just yet.

Despite my first post about MEMF where I whined a little, I'm actually having a really good time this week. I'm just taking two morning classes, which are taught by two excellent singers. In the first class, we're learning Sephardic songs as a group. When I sing them as lullabies to Daniel he stops fussing right away. That class is also part master class, which I'm accompanying - nothing like sight reading really bad continuo realizations. Ick. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, don't worry about it.) The second class is an advanced voice masterclass, which I don't have to accompany. I just sit there and try to absorb the genius of Ellen Hargis as much as I can.

The best part about MEMF, as I mentioned before, is the concerts. Tuesday was spectacular. Chatham Baroque, a group that plays Spanish and Latin American dance music from long ago, was performing with two of the foremost historical dancers in the country. Words can't adequately describe how great that was, so just believe me when I say it was truly, truly fabulous.

I'll get back to more interesting and coherent posting soon, I promise. I just wanted to do a quick update before leaving this morning.


annalu alulu said…
Suze, even what you consider to not be "ineresting and coherent" are interesting and cohenerent to me.
Jenn Hacker said…
I found it interesting, too. Glad to hear from ya!

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