Some pictures and other things

First of all, as promised, a picture of my new (to me) piano:

Stuart, Daniel and I are in Kansas for a long overdue visit to Stuart's parents and some members of my extended family. Daniel did quite well in the car:

Kansas is in the middle of a drought and temperatures are in the upper 90s every day. You can't walk outside barefoot without cooking your feet on the pavement. It's a bit of a shock after the cool, wet spring we've had in Wisconsin. Thanks to air conditioning, though, we can ignore the unforgiving heat and just stay inside.

Whew, I'm tired. Maybe I'll write some more in a day or two.


Jenn Hacker said…
As always, what a beautiful little boy you have. On a side note, that is a prettiful pianny, too! I hope that bottle I see on the pianny is on a coaster!!!

annalu alulu said…
I love that piano! I'm so glad you guys have it! I can't imagine how much easier your life will be now that you have it. Good you got it while baby is still young; i think it will make some of this crazy toddler time a little less chaotic...since you'll be able to be home more. I'm so happy for you.

I love that baby's fat little legs. What was wrong with me at the wedding reception that I didn't think to steal him when I had the chance?

Have fun family time in Kansas. Is that where Stephanie is living? And have fun Stu time, while he's off.

(vxgtm reminds me of vitameatavegimen)
Suze said…
Jenn, that little bottle is wood polish that came with the piano. There will be no bottles or drinks of any kind resting on the piano, coaster or not :)

Ann, Steph is living in Lawrence, KS now (home of KU), and we visited her and her husband for a couple days on our way to Newton.
Suze said…
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Feral Mom said…
Just came over to say hi...and say, what a lovely piano and a lovely child, too! Now you can play "Dust in the Wind" as you remember Kansas fondly.
p.s. I heart Madison! And Rob!
Suze said…
thanks for stopping by, feral mom. ditto your p.s.!

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