My Brave Little Boy

Let's start off with some eye candy:

Yes, it's another baby picture, but today he truly deserves the attention. Today Daniel had surgery to correct an undescended testicle (I'm sure when he's 13 he's going to be thrilled that I told the world about this.) The condition is not uncommon; it happens in 3-4% of baby boys, and of those, only about half make it down to the testes satchel (I have Borat to thank for this term) on their own. The surgery is very routine, low-risk, and doesn't take very long, so our rational selves were not worried about this. But when it comes time to deny your baby food for many hours before packing him off to the hospital so he can go under the knife, rationality isn't such a game player...especially when the surgery is delayed for two hours because of an unforeseen complication in the surgeon's first procedure of the day.

In fact, the anesthesiologist gave him some Tylenol mixed with something similar to Valium to help Daniel stay mellow in the long waiting period before his surgery. When he stopped fussing and started grinning and clapping his hands together rather clumsily, pupils dilated, I wondered how many parents are granted the privilege of seeing their kid high on [medically approved] drugs before the age of one year...not that I'm condoning it or anything...

Unpredictable delays and our anxieties aside, everything went smoothly and quickly. Evidently there are only a handful of pediatric urologists in the country, and we are lucky to have gotten one of the best. Daniel was certainly in able hands. The recovery went (is going) quite well, too. Babies are often disoriented, cranky and hungry when they wake up after surgery, but Daniel just sat in my lap and nursed and slept for about two hours in the recovery room. The nurse said he ought to win the Baby Of The Year Award. She probably says that to everyone, but we agreed with her all the same.


ann said…
Yay baby.

Love the ensemble, too.
Glad to hear he's a trouper! I hope this blog will let me comment on it (finally)!
Anonymous said…
Yeh for resilient baby! Yeh and yeh again. .and yeh for parents who quote Borat as a means toward grace in gravity. . I never thought I'd use Borat and grace in the same sentence. .
all best in the days ahead! and merry christmas!
Anonymous said…
Hi, I was pointed here by a friend who reads your blog, because my son Otto will be undergoing this surgery on Friday. I just wanted to thank you for posting about Daniel's experience, this has calmed me down immensely. I'm glad to hear he handled the surgery and recovery well. All the best to you and your family.

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