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Happy Winter Solstice, everyone! For the next six months, the days will be getting longer, which is a good thing, in my book. I hate early winter in Wisconsin, when it's cold, wet, and increasingly dark.

Daniel is doing quite well. The day after his surgery, he acted like nothing had happened, and was up playing as usual. In fact, for the last few days he's decided that any and all naps are optional. Oh, he's a clever one, that Daniel, because he'll snuggle up in my lap to nurse and act all sleepy, but then get all giggly and playful when I put him in the crib. I let this frustrate me until yesterday, when I said to myself, "To hell with it. If he doesn't want to sleep, I won't make him!" and I'll be damned if he didn't refuse to nap the whole day except for a 20-minute snooze in my lap when I was at my Wednesday knitting group (the other ladies there are too polite to call it "Stitch 'n Bitch").

Just look at the little imp:

(Here he is modelling a sweater I made for him. I started it when I was preg-o and finished it when he was a few weeks old. I guessed pretty well on the colors, huh?)

He's sleeping right now, which I consider a Festivus miracle.

School-wise, everything came to a screeching halt after my orals. I have had the best intentions for, oh, about two weeks now, to get working on a lecture recital, which I have to do next semester. I don't really have a topic narrowed down. All I know is that I want to look at contemporary American song, probably pick one poet to center around...vague enough? Unfortunately, our music library is closed (#$*%&!!!!) the entire winter break for construction (whyyyyyyyyy couldn't they wait until summer?!!??!), so unless I get there tomorrow, all research that can't be done online will have to wait. I have no one to blame but myself for this serious lack of motivation.

On Saturday we're leaving for Kentucky to spend Christmas with my family. Yay!! My parents have dial-up, though, so blogging will probably be sparse. Boo. Like y'all are going to be waiting on pins and needles for my next post anyway, right?


ann said…
Of all the blogs I read, I think yours is the one that is updated most frequently, and I do look forward to reading it every day. :-) But maybe I'll run into in Kroger's parking lot or something. That'd be even better. Merry Christmas!
Have fun in Kentucky! Tell your momma I said "Hi". And that sweater is adorable on your even-more-adorable boy!

Big hugs!
Animal said…
"Like y'all are going to be waiting on pins and needles for my next post anyway, right?"

Always, Suze. Always. Safe journey.
kclblogs said…
Nice sweater, Suze. Hey, and by the way, I saw Ella's green cable hat this weekend, and I'm dying to get ahold of that pattern. I LOVE it, and I'm itching to make one!! Can you lead me to the source? Thanks!

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