6 Weird Things

I wasn't tagged, but I've seen this list on other blogs, so I'm swiping it.

Six Weird Things About Me:

1. I have a pathological fear of vomiting. I just won't do it, and I have no sense of humor about it. I would rather endure all kinds of physical pain, fever, diarrhea, you-name-it rather than upchuck. When I hit hour 20 of labor, the nurse brought a little bowl to me and said to Stuart, "Just in case she vomits!" Little did she know. I didn't even come close. I also get seriously anxious when someone throws up, or tells me about throwing up, or is afraid they will throw up. That scene in Monty Python's Meaning of Life is not the least bit funny to me; watching it is akin to torture. I do not appreciate when someone tells me all about the last time he or she had the stomach flu, or the terrible morning sickness she had while pregnant, or the time his or her kid got sick on an airplane, you get the idea. Keep it to yourself, and spare me the shortness of breath and racing heartbeat. Yes, this applies to the comment roll, too.

2. I am an introverted person, and also rather shy (those two things are not necessarily interchangeable), but I have absolutely no fear of public speaking. In fact, I kind of enjoy it. Maybe it's my inner Drama Queen.

3. To everyone but my husband and closest friends, who know better, I appear to be a very calm, organized person. In fact, I am not. I hide my insecurities well, hence the faux calm. I also have a very good memory for certain details, so even though I can never keep track of a planner, I almost never miss rehearsals and appointments (notice I said almost.) I do not have a good memory for other details, which is why I am always looking for my glasses and my keys.

4. You'd think that since I'm a Musician (dare I use a capital M?), I would have a good ear. I'm actually much more of a visual learner. I have to hear a melody, even a simple one, over and over before I remember it, but if I see it written down just once, I can remember it pretty well. The same goes for language. Whenever I'm learning a foreign language, I have to see the words in print (or visualize them written down) or I can't remember them.

5. You know those numbing drops they put in your eyes before dilating your pupils at the eye doctor? Those make me pass out. The first time I was a senior in high school, and all of a sudden I just pitched forward and rolled out of the chair and ended up in the corner of the room. The second time I managed to get my head down and ask for a cold can to put on my forehead, so I didn't black out completely.

6. I could probably make a whole list of 6 weird things about me when I was pregnant, but instead I'll just choose one: the only craving I had was for ice cubes. For about a month, or maybe a little longer, I would constantly be chewing on ice. This was during December and January, by the way, but I didn't care how cold it was, I wanted ICE. I would get up in the middle of the night, open the freezer, and chow down on ice cubes. My brother-in-law (who's an M.D.) recently mentioned that cravings for ice might be a sign of iron deficiency. Who knew?

Tag time! Let's see...Joe, Pam, Steph, Ann, Jenn, Gade...you're it!


Pam said…
Hey, Suze! I've just completed your task. That was a strange experience!
katie said…
gee, suze. you're weird! (kidding)
Animal said…
Aww, shucks, and here I was gonna tell you this great story about getting accidentally too drunk with Stephanie & Eric...the day before I was on the platform party at graduation...under the hot lights...in a black robe...
Suze said…
animal. stop. right. there.


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