Are you tired of kid pictures yet?

You know how hard it is to practice gratefulness at 4a.m. when you've spent a whole hour trying to get your kid back to sleep to no avail? Really damn hard. But I suppose that's exactly the kind of time when practicing gratefulness is relevant. I wrote a whiny post yesterday about our sleep troubles, but I deleted it because I figured there's only so much complaining I can do before y'all stop reading. Besides, when the sun comes up and I see this sweet little boy smiling, pointing at me and babbling "Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma bababababababa PBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBTTT!" all those feelings of helplessness and frustration, while they don't melt away, are temporarily put to rest.


Steph said…
I read your "whiny" post on sleep troubles and thought that while it must really suck to go through that, you were still pretty funny in describing it. So don't feel bad about complaining.
Anonymous said…
Tired of pictures? Are you kidding? Oma can't get enough. The only thing better is the kid himself. But maybe not at 4:00am.

Jenn Hacker said…
There is no way I could ever get tired of pictures of your beautiful boy!

And whine all you want about sleep deprivation. I still remember those days, and so can empathize and sympathize.

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