Bread Uprising

Immersed in my latest read, a biography of e.e. cummings by Christopher Sawyer-Laucanno, I am interrupted by the gentle voice of my dear husband:

"Uh, Suze? I wanna show you something in the kitchen."

"What is it?"

"You just have to see."

Crap! Lately, every time I start a batch of bread after, say, 2p.m., I forget about it and it threatens to take over the kitchen. Every. Damn. Time.

Witness the yeasted monster attempting to take over the world one stainless steel bowl at a time:

I think it may be conspiring with the sourdough starter in the cupboard.


Mrs. Ann said…
Wish I'd had that problem the last time I tried to make bread. I really needed your help :-) I tried to make whole wheat rolls, and they ended up more like tasty brown golf balls. There was no rising, no, none at all.
Steph said…
you have a sourdough starter in your cupboard?
Animal said…
Funny photos. Um...doesn't bread, like, come in clear plastic in the store, already sliced & everything?

Suze said…
mrs. ann, i have been thinking about doing a break tutorial on as a blog entry sometime. steph, yes the sour is in the cupboard, but it's stu's baby, so take it up with him. animal, seeing as i'm related to steph and all, don't you know i would have to be quite, quite desperate to go BUY bread at the store?

love the comments, folks. keep 'em coming!
Anonymous said…
Use a bigger bowl.
canadahauntsme said…
katie said…
Yes, please, a bread tutorial would be greatly appreciated. I've been experimenting to find my favorite recipe, and have only found myself discouraged so far. I used to make pretty good bread -- don't know what's happened!
Beth B. said…
Dear Suze,

I just stumbled upon your great blog today while doing Internet search on "Lazy Jane's" (am a breakfast fanatic, looking for a new joint to haunt). That discourse, with helpful photos, on the Night of the Living Bread is HILARIOUS!!! Had to call in my daughter, in the other room doing Algebra review for her final exam, to see this. She broke up, too.

I also want you to know that I think that Daniel is GORGEOUS. I always go nuts when I see babies and kids anyways, but this little guy particularly charms me :o).

All best wishes to you, Suze, as you juggle parenting, school and the Universe as we (sorta) know it Been that, done there ;o)!

Maybe we'll see you at Willy Co-op sometime. Daughter Claire and I often make it all the way from Richland Center into Madtown on
Fridays. You, all three, are IMO a perfectly adorable family. If you folks ever want an extra auntie, age 55, pretty good cook, generous with the homemade goodies, generally humorous (mostly inadvertently LOL) -- I'm on call.


Beth B.
Kim A. said…
I wish I had your bread problems. I have such a hard time just getting my bread to rise at all.

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