Is it Thursday already?

It's been a busy week, but busy in a good way: Pam was here for two days! She's on a cross-country trip to move from Boston to Palo Alto, and in between finding a new job and a place to live and packing and driving hundreds and hundreds of miles, she managed to find time to learn five songs to record with me for my dissertation project. Two of them were written by a composer on faculty here and they are quite difficult in every way; pitches, rhythm, ensemble, musical direction are all serious challenges in these pieces. The songs are beautiful, though, and worth every minute of effort.

The great thing about working with a singer like Pam is that she can learn really complicated music, and learn it well, and sound amazing singing it. Then she can rehearse, coach, and record said music with you in a 48-hour time span, even after she's driven over 1000 miles in the previous four days. And you can feel absolutely confident the whole time that everything will turn out sounding really good. (Pam, are you blushing?)

Seriously, it's like we have musical ESP or something! I just wish we lived closer together so we could work together more often.

Daniel really enjoyed her company, too:

Now I just have to record one more batch of songs and write something brilliant about all of them. By October 15. I can do it...I think. (I'm kidding about "brilliant" by the way. I appreciate Andre's and Jenn's and Animal's advice to just get the thing done. I basically agree, though for the sake of my pride and the sake of actually passing, it can't suck, either.)


Andre said…
While I don't know you very well, I have a pretty strong feeling that you wouldn't do *anything* professionally that would "suck." It doesn't really seem to be in your nature. I have little doubt that the best that you can do *right now* will be good enough.

I can only imagine the damage you and Pam can do in a room together with some good music. She is as good as they get musically, and I'm so glad you and she made some awesome music together.
Congrats and continued encouragement!
Suze said…
Andre, dude, you just made my day! "Damage" indeed...I love it!
Pam said…
I'm so glad you posted that picture, Suze! What a fun little boy!! I had a GREAT time recording with you, Suze. You're awesome! Thanks!! :-)

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