Thanks for all the thoughts regarding the recent screw-up by a certain local landscaping company. There were some interesting discussions in the comments, if you're inclined to go read them. I, for one, am done with the issue, seeing as I have a dissertation deadline that is looming larger as each day passes. We even had a heavy rain the other night, so probably most of what got sprayed is now in the groundwater for everyone to enjoy.

Before I open that dissertation file and write some more un-usable crap (I am really starting to doubt my intellectual capabilities, alas), I am posting a couple pictures of the salsa I made for dinner tonight.

First, I quartered a bunch of little heirloom zebra tomatoes:

There's no picture, but I also threw in some peeled shallots, garlic cloves, and a couple jalapeƱo peppers, all sprinkled with kosher salt. Using that coarse kosher salt makes me feel all sophisticated and gourmet-like. This all went in the oven for a little over an hour at 325 degrees. When everything was cooled off, I stripped the peels off the tomatoes, chopped and mashed everything together, added some cilantro, and got this:

There was a lot more than what's in this little bowl, actually. But we ate it up before I got a picture taken. And it was gooooood, except that Stuart got a particularly big chunk of hot pepper in one bite and had to guzzle some milk.

All right, time to bestow some more of my brilliance/BS (take your pick) onto a certain Word file that's gotten a lot of my attention of late.


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