pop quiz! (mini-version)

The fact that I started out "just" washing the dishes after dinner, found myself an hour later taking out the trash and recycling, cleaning the sink, re-arranging the counter-tops, and scrubbing the lid to the trash can for-pete's-sake, and am now sharing this minutiae of my life with the rest of you is evidence that:

a) I am neurotic.
b) I am experiencing those "nesting instincts" a touch early.
c) I am seriously procrastinating dissertation work.
d) All of the above. It's going to be a long semester.
e) None of the above. The kitchen was just really gross.


Pam said…
If I did those things it would be either because of C or E, so those would be my first guesses... but hmmm... I'll guess B, because that sounds reasonable. :-)
Animal said…
D. No question.
katie said…
b and c
D. I know this because the only time I willingly clean my house is when I'm procrastinating on the homework. Luckily, that's pretty often, because the kitchen has a tendency to get really gross.
Suze said…
Interesting that none of you think I'm just plain neurotic. I suppose it's encouraging :)

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