Eye-candy Friday: signs of spring

Thanks for all the good words about my expert advice on composition. Believe me, if you heard some of the stuff I "composed" when I was that age, you would not be so kind in your assessment of my skills. Let's just say the world is better off with me playing stuff that somebody else already wrote! Soon I'll share more tidbits from my childhood.

Today, it finally, finally feels like Spring! It's warm(ish) and sunny and not too windy and the birds are chirping and green things are poking through the soggy ground and it just makes me want to giggle and frolick. Unfortunately, a trip to the park with a friend came to an abrupt end when a loose dog knocked over the neighbor kid and scared the daylights out of him. The dog (black lab) had a leash and a rabies tag, and he wasn't mean or threatening to bite, but was WAY too excited to be running loose around small children. I tried calling the city animal dept, but I just got a long answering machine message and then I was cut off.

At least Daniel wasn't scared to go outside, so before naptime, we went out in the yard to play and do a little garden clean-up and take pictures of signs of spring!

He helped me pull weeds.

He found some dirt.

I stood on a small patch of tenacious snow.

We found a rogue tulip in the middle of the yard...

...as well as last year's soggy lavender.

The last bit of snow doesn't have a chance when Daniel attacks it with our oldest, crustiest shovel:


Rachel said…
great pictures! I especially love the muddy hand!

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