I bought Daniel a pair of scissors yesterday. Do I WANT my jeans fringed, my recipe books shredded, a surprise haircut, and the curtains cut into strips, you may ask? Well, no. (Actually, I don't care so much about the curtains. They're fugly and don't match anything.) But Daniel's been really interested in scissors lately for who knows what reason. He loves getting his hair cut (!!!); in fact, our stylist Cassandra said he's the best two-year-old she's ever cut hair for. He's fascinated with the kitchen scissors, which we use to cut homemade pizza. Whenever he sees a pair of scissors, he says "Sizz-izz! Sizz-izz!"

So when I was faced with a whole Saturday morning alone with the kids because Stu had to work on a project for his programming class, I decided to take them to the gargantuan Jo-Ann's on our side of town and get Daniel his very own pair of scissors and some colored construction paper to cut. Of course, he could cut any old paper we have at home, but I thought if we had special paper just for cutting, he'd be less inclined to try out his scissors on other things. So far, I've been right. I am fully aware that I may retract this statement sometime in the future.

He's done amazingly well, though it's funny to see Daniel handle his scissors. It took him a few tries to figure out that the thumb goes in the smaller handle, but now he's pretty adept. He can do the cutting action fine, but it takes him two hands to spread out the blades to get ready to cut. Now we have shreds of colored paper all over the house and yet another activity that takes close supervision, but he's thrilled with his new skill, so it's worth it.


Becca said…
You're braver than I am. CJ is over 3, and I haven't gotten him his own scissors. He does get to use them at daycare, but I'm not ready to let him have them at home (especially he loves to pick things up and run).

He is using the computer, though. He's getting really good with point and click, and plays lots of games on We just have to keep an eye on him with the laptop--he likes to pry the keys off.

If I have any typos, I blame CJ for putting the keys back incorrectly : )
katie said…
i have to say, from experience: look out for your knitting projects and yarn!

it is a thrill for them. i made sure to give the girls their own yarn for cutting.
Suze said…
Good thought, Katie! I think I'll wait to let Daniel know that yarn is something one can use scissors far, he thinks the scissors are just for construction paper!
Strangeite said…
Brave, brave, Susan.
Anonymous said…
My oh my. His own scissors.

Just remember the old saying: Give a 4-year-old a hammer, and suddenly everything becomes a nail.

He may not yet be four, but he does have an imagination. Like his Uncle Joe, who did a job on the back of the couch with a seam ripper.

I do recall as a small child, however, that I got explicit instructions from my mother on which scissors were for cloth and were definitely not to be used for paper. Let us say I was well trained before I married your mother.

[Pam's blog] said…
Wow, Suze! You are a cool Mom!

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