3 things about moi

I think I've done this meme before, or one very similar. Lame, huh? So you can skip this if you want, but who knows? I may come up with some different answers this time.


Three jobs I have had:
1) Waitress at Sonic Drive-in. That was my first job ever. The other girls were nice enough but one of my managers was a former lunch-lady at our school and she was MEAN. She also thought I was really, really stupid because it took me a couple days to figure out the computer/cash register thing.
2) Pianist with a touring opera company. That was a great, though exhausting, job. I had to quit when Daniel was born.
3) Music camp counselor.

Three places I have lived:
1) Socorro NM
2) McPherson KS
3) Georgetown KY
(These are the first three places I lived)

Three shows that I watch:
1) 30 Rock (catching up with that on Netflix)
2) The Daily Show (yay for hulu!)
3) The Colbert Report (ditto the hulu thing)

Three places I have been:
1) Hluhluwe national game park in South Africa
2) Glasgow (Montana, not Scotland)
3) London (England!)

Three places I have been this week:
1) Toddler art class (we made frogs)
2) Lakeside Fibers, where all the members of my knitting group met in one place for the first time in over a year. The kids were happily entertained for over 2 hours. It was great.
3) the grocery store

Three of my favorite foods:
1) homemade noodles with pesto marinara sauce
2) fresh tortillas with fajita filling
3) cookies. I luuuuuurve cookies.

Three places I'd rather be right now:
1) alone in a coffee shop with a latté, a good book, and my knitting
2) a warm, sunny beach
3) Kentucky. I miss my family and they're not getting 6" of snow today like we are.

Three things I would rather be doing:
1) sunning on a warm beach (I'm sensing a theme here...)
2) going to the children's museum with our neighbor friends (too much snow to drive downtown)
3) drinking hot cocoa

Three tags;
1) YOU!

Three things I'm especially grateful for:
1) espresso
2) creativity
3) family, friends, and all the wonderful people who make my life what it is

Three things I am looking forward to:
1) using the very generous gift card to Orange Tree Imports (b-day present from hubby) on a cooking class and making something very delicious
2) Daniel potty training once and for all. It seems like that's NEVER gonna happen.
3) spring


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