10 ways you know you are through with Winter, even though Winter is not through with you:

1. A projected high of 2 degrees Fahrenheit is deemed warm enough to take the kids downtown for the morning.

2. Your best Christmas present was a pair of snow boots.

3. Receiving Land's End catalogs featuring summer clothing for children makes you weep with desperation.

4. The only local vegetables available at the co-op are cabbage and burdock root.

5. You spend a week knitting hats for every member of your family out of fear that if you don't, their ears will get frostbitten and fall off.

6. Moving to Houston for the climate sounds like a good idea.

7. You laugh at your mother, who lives in Kentucky, when she says "It's so COLD here! It's, like, 22 degrees!"

8. You chuck 3/4 of your short-sleeved shirts and tank tops in the "donate to thrift store" bag because you can't see how there's any possible way you'll ever need them in the future. (Also, they are old and gross.)

9. You're 12" ahead of the pace of last year's record-setting snowfall.

10. The pile of snow at the end of the driveway is taller than the adults in your household.


Anonymous said…
Houston. Have you talked to your Uncle D about how his sister and family had to evacuate Houston because the hurricane distroyed power and other services for a couple weeks? And have you thought about the heat and humidity of the summer? Just asking.

Tooz said…
Well, Jenn and I are freezing down here, too. It must be about 45 outside! As for that snow pile being taller than the adults in your household--it wouldn't have to be all that tall to be taller than you, as I remember.

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