a great day

Today is Barack Obama's Inauguration as president of the United States. The Bush era is over (though we'll be suffering its consequences for a long while). It sort of felt like this day would never come, but here it is! What an incredible moment for our country.

I wish I could do more to celebrate, but Stuart doesn't have the day off - in fact, he starts classes today at UW - and I'll be at home with the kids as per usual. At least we can watch the ceremony on TV. Perhaps I'll bake a cake to mark the occasion.


Animal said…
Miss Tessmacher told me tonight that one of the small colleges where she teaches actually held classes on MLK Day as normal, but gave their students the NEXT day (the 20th) off...celebrating both Dr. King and Pres. Obama's inauguration at once. I thought that was both fitting and celebratorial. Yay!

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