3 quick updates

1. My mom: looks like surgery on her leg will be Friday. They were hoping for tomorrow, but the surgeon works in a different hospital on Wednesdays so she didn't get a consultation with him today as they were expecting. She's getting pretty bored, I think.

2. Anya: on a day when her Oma has been immobilized with a broken leg, little Anya decided it fitting to take a few wobbly steps on her own. It's been a gradual process, but I think it's fair to say her first real steps were today.

3. Daniel: will. not. use. the. potty. Unless we're at the public library or in the middle of the grocery store or waiting in the doctor's office or my friend Pat is around to help him. I have tried every positive reinforcement I can think of, and nothing is really working. I guess I just need to wait until he's truly ready, but in the meantime, if anyone has any suggestions, let me know. Except for sticker charts. He is SO over those.


Steph said…
WOOO!!! Go Anya!!!

Hmm. Could your friend Pat move in until Daniel masters the potty?
Strangeite said…
I know it is horrible but it has worked for the most part in getting Sophie to poop in the pottie (Cant. Stop. Toddler. Talk.).

We bribe her. With candy. Now she looks at us with big bright eyes and says "Sophie poop pottie candy?"
Tooz said…
Yes, that bribing does work--at least it did for Cora, for a while.
Which hospital is your mom in? The one in Georgetown? If so, I'll go see her on Monday, if she's still there.
Becca said…
For us, it was juice popsicles and books. We called them "extra specials". If CJ pooped, he got an extra special. He was like Sophie--"Mommy, I pooped in the potty and I'm ready for my extra special now!"

We just had to make sure he washed his hands.

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