First, the eye-candy:

Second, just plain candy! After reading y'all's comments that bribery is the true way to potty-training, I'm willing to try it. We've tried reward systems before, but I guess stickers don't cut it, and long-term prizes (like a new toy or book for filling up a whole chart) don't have the right impact. So candy it is, I'm afraid. A few M&Ms can't hurt that much, can they?

Daniel and I had a nice time walking to the corner store to pick out his special potty candy this afternoon. It's about 20 degrees outside and sunny, so it was pleasant, if chilly. Daniel was thrilled to find little puddles to splash in and thin layers of ice to crunch with his shoes. I realized then, as I do occasionally, that being three years old is very much about living in the moment and discovering the world around you. Aside from a few sledding excursions this winter, we haven't had very much time outside because of the cold, so a simple puddle was all it took to make his afternoon. And mine.


katie said…
great pictures! we used bribery for potty training, too. one chocolate chip for pee, two chocolate chips for poo.
Pam said…
LOVE the pictures!
Andre said…
Good luck with the potty training. . and I'm glad to hear your mom's surgery went well!
Anonymous said…
We have printer problems (maybe only ink cartridge problems) so Oma is not able, at the moment, to see the pictures. Working on it.

M&Ms??? Don't let Opa get close to them or the "incentives" will disappear.

Steph said…
It will only work if you continue to call it "special potty candy."
Animal said…
Hmmm…we may have cursed ourselves, as M's are The Rozzle's favorite after-dinner dessert. She's been eating them since she was about 10 months old!

We get the mini-M&Ms, they're easier for her to chew & swallow. (WHEN she chews, that is!)
Anonymous said…
I always loved (and still do) those thin layers of ice to crunch.

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