you know it's a special day when you're allowed cake before lunch

Today Daniel turns 3. We had his best friend from across the street over for playtime and cake. Daniel got lots of nice presents, but I think his favorite part of his birthday was playing with the mylar helium balloon (the two others I bought popped right away - sorry, Steph!) and blowing out candles. He's been saying "Let's have my birs-day again!!" all afternoon and generally having a good time.

(And then this afternoon Stuart and I went out to test-drive a Prius. We bought one. Yup.)


Becca said…
So glad Daniel had a great birthday! It's much more fun when they're old enough to know what's going on.

And congrats on the Prius! You're gonna love it. I haven't had a single regret in getting mine, and it's been almost two years.
Claire said…
I really don't mean to state the obvious, but he LOOKS 3 with that haircut! What a gorgeous day for a birthday!

Also, you're going to blend in quite nicely in the church parking with your new wheels.
Happy Birthday, Danimal! And congrats on the new wheels!
Pam said…
Happy Birthday, Daniel! :-) And, congrats on your new car, Suze and Stu!
Scott said…
Wow! Congrats on the birs-day and the awesome car!
katie said…
aw! happy birthday, sweet daniel!

ps - suze, can you email me your email and snail mail addy?


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