can you handle more pictures?

With our friends at the Arboretum this week:

Playtime in the back yard:


Pam said…
I can handle it! :-)
Steph said…
Also definitely handling it fine.
Great pictures! I especially liked the one of the two boys with their faces close together, and the other little boy is making a funny "squinchy" face like he's giggling really hard, and the one of the four of them, and Anya is looking down at the baby like "Hey, what's he doing down there?"
Tooz said…
Those are all such super pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us!
Jessi said…
Great pics. And by the way, I'm moving in. I would kill for sweater on the baby weather, instead of doesn't this baby have anything sleeveless weather. I hate summer. Looks like the arboretum was a blast.

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