I've been cranky all week, but the sun is shining and the weekend is nigh, so instead of hearing me complain, how about some eye candy?

Here are some shots from a trip to the Arboretum this morning. (We went with the neighbors, and if they say it's okay, I'll put up some pictures of Daniel and his friend together; I just want permission first.)

Anya blowing kisses:

Yellow magnolia blossom:

Wild turkeys on the road (funny how they run away from young children...):

Daniel and Anya picking dandelions:

From our own backyard, here are some flowers:

And Anya trying to sneak into the shed:

Daniel in the sandbox:

Have a good weekend, all!


Jessi said…
I love your kids. They are so pretty and sweet looking. My kids always seem to be dirty in photographs. Covered in mud and/or chocolate and/or dog hair.
Pam said…
Adorable pictures! They always seem to be having so much fun. Jamie's at that stage where he looks either perpetually bored or is making funny faces when I take his picture.
Animal said…
Sun makes a BIG difference, don't it?

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