anyone wanna come over and take a nap?

Because we've got loooots of extra bed space here right now. Shall I explain? We've been shuffling things around in our little house to get the kids in one room. Daniel outgrew his toddler bed, so he's been sleeping on the futon. This will be a problem in a few weeks when we have house guests because the futon is really the guest bed. We moved Anya to the toddler bed and dismantled the crib, which was mainly there for decoration anyway because she never sleeps in it for very long. Over the weekend we went shopping for a twin bed for Daniel and discovered that lo and behold, there are bunk beds that are designed to come apart into two twin beds if needed. I think Daniel climbed up to the top of every single bunk bed in the store. Do you know how excited he is to climb a ladder to get to bed? Perfect! The kids can share a room, we can save some space and then eventually, when they are old enough to need more space and more privacy, we can convert the bunks into two regular beds and give them their own rooms, assuming we're not still in this house, that is. There was a great sale at the furniture place so Stu and I went ahead and bought a new mattress to replace the old, worn-out squeaky one we've been using.

All the new bed stuff was delivered this morning, and while we've found interested parties on craigslist and freecycle for the toddler bed and old queen mattresses, no one has come to pick them up yet. No one seems to want the crib, but at least it's sitting in pieces in the basement, so it's out of the way. The house is in a minor state of upheaval, but hopefully that won't last for long.

In the meantime, I guess I have to just put up with disarray and old box springs leaning against the wall, and perhaps I'll go clean the kitchen, because that's the only room in the house without a random bed in it.


Jessi said…
Do you have a consignment store in your area? My kids are nearly entirely clothes off of my proceeds from selling old clothes and gear and toys to the consignment store and consignment sale in our area.

Hate that random stuff scattered through the house thing, though. Hope it gets better soon.
Pam said…
Yes! I really need a nap! We went to see the midnight showing of Harry Potter last night and I am TIRED! :-)
abcgirl said…
The new VS house might like to have your old beds!

What's your crib look like?
Animal said…
Groovy deal on the bunk beds. I always wanted them but, alas, as an only child it wasn't in the cards.

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