a little disappointed

Dear Mr. Obama,

I think you are an excellent president, I really do. I was excited to vote for you and I got a little choked up when I watched the inauguration on TV. I think you are extremely eloquent (especially compared to the last dude - woooEEEEE he was a piece of work) and given the state of our country when it was handed to you at the beginning of the year, not to mention stubborn obstructionist members of the Republican party who are doing their own level best to make sure your administration accomplishes as little as possible, you are doing as well as anyone can to get us out of the mess(es) we are in. Sure, I lean a little (okay, a lot) farther to the left than you, but I trust that you are trying to get things done.

Then there was the Henry Louis Gates incident in Cambridge a couple weeks ago, and you slipped up and said the police acted "stupidly" and had to apologize six ways from Sunday for being just a little bit tactless when that whole press conference was about healthcare. HEALTHCARE - only the biggest domestic problem we have to deal with here. But it's not completely your fault that comment got blown totally out of proportion by the media. I think inviting Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley to the White House for a beer to discuss the whole thing was an awfully nice thing to do, considering how big the story got. I'm curious to know what conversation will come of it (or has already).

I heard on NPR this afternoon about you fellows' choice of beers. Sgt. Crowley is deciding between Beck's and Red Stripe and Gates will have a Blue Moon. These are tolerable choices. But you, sir, are reportedly going to drink a Bud Light. Wow. Please tell me you've got better taste than that! I'm sorry, Mr. President, but I admit I'm a little disappointed. All the tasty microbrews out there and you had to pick Bud Light? Were you afraid you'd be accused of being elitist and out of touch by choosing something, well, good? Or do you really like Bud Light?

Golly, I hope it's the former.

Well anyway, I hope you enjoy your visit with those gentlemen. As for that dishwater-tinted excuse for a brew? Let's just say if I ever get invited to the White House for a beer, I'll assume it's BYOB.

Good luck running the country,

Madtown Mama


Becca said…

This time of year, I'm all about Sam Adams Summer Ale. It reminds me of great times spent on Cape Cod in beautiful sunny weather.

I don't think I could possibly appear more East Coast intellectually elitist--maybe if I borrowed by brother-in-law's Dartmouth shirt :D
Mrs. Allroro said…
Maybe he's looking at the future--a possible endorsement deal after his terms run out.
Jessi said…
I totally think you hit the nail on the head. Everyone calls him elitist no matter what he does, so claiming to want Bud Light is sort of lowbrow and all American. I, too, was disappointed. I don't drink beer (which is how you could look like a bigger East Coast intellectual elitist, FYI, be me and request white wine) but even I could come up with something better than Bud Light. (Like Bud Light with Lime?)
Steph said…
Please. The Bud Light was totally a political decision.
Strangeite said…
Aaacckkk.. Gag.. slurmp.

Bud Light with Lime.

As there ever been a more foul unholy creation?
I'm not much of a beer drinker. Give me a margarita, L.I. Iced Tea, some wine or a Screwdriver any day... But beer? Blech! Could be because I associate it too closely with my issues with my father, who knows. But, if I were to drink a beer (which has, on rare occassion, happened), it sure as HELL would NOT be a Bud Light! Thanks for the funny post!
Anonymous said…
I had a friend who didn't care for beer or his mother's homemade tomato juice, until he mixed them.

At the moment I think my favorite is Einbecker Schwartzbier. Yes, German. (I think the Germans know how to make beer and sausage.) Made in Einbeck, Germany, a little town south and a little east of Hannover. Not cheap, but good stuff.

Bud Light? To paraphrase Bob Hope (regarding a drink of another country): They need to run it through the horse again.

Jessi said…
Jenn - I honestly think I don't drink beer because of my early experiences with Natty Lite, which is a much more unholy creation than adding Lime to already substandard beer.

I thought I would add (which will make my snobbery seem even worse) that I LOVE Guiness, but only on tap. There, now I look like a total putz.
katie said…
I read through this whole post thinking, "Oh no, oh no, am I going to be disappointed in Obama too?" because I really didn't want to be. I agree, Bud Light is a terrible disappointment. Thank goodness it wasn't something more significant!
Claire said…
Knowing Stu runs his own microbrew, I had a good hunch this was going to be your disappointment. :)

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