raspberry picking

I might be mourning the end of summer and the coming of shorter days and cold weather, but right now is a beautiful time to be living in Wisconsin. Crisp mornings, sunny days, abundant produce...I have to admit that right at this moment I'm glad I don't have a job outside the home to rush to. (In two months I'll be singing a different song, I'm sure.) Daniel and Anya and I have been exploring all kinds of parks and beaches and local farms, having picnics several times a week, and having a jolly time with all of it. This morning, for example, we went raspberry picking with my friend Pat. I'll let the pictures tell you the rest.

We'll be going again next week!


My mouth is watering just looking at those berries!
katie said…
oh, delish!
Claire said…
Oo, oo! Want to go with us?
Caffeine Girl said…
Where are you going? I thought the season was over!
Suze said…
Caffeine Girl, we went to Sutter's Ridge (click on the link in the post). Fall raspberry season is just starting, lucky for us!

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