Ky trip, part the first

We are in Kentucky, the kids and I. We did the whole trip in one day, much to all of our surprise. Daniel was so excited to see Oma and Opa he kept saying, "Mom, I'm not tired of being in the car yet. Let's drive all the way to Kentucky today!" and I kept saying "We'll see how we feel after dinner." As it turned out, everyone was doing just dandy, so after dinner we kept going and going...and here we are.

The kids behaved spectacularly the whole drive, so their reward today was a trip to a local orchard with a huge playground. Daniel and Anya managed (barely) to avoid being trampled by the throngs of school kids there on field trips (I counted five buses when we drove in) and had a really good time.

Here is some photographic evidence from the morning, largely for Stuart's benefit, as he is still in Madison nursing a(nother) cold and preparing for a midterm:

(We came home with apples, cider, pumpkins for carving, cider doughnuts and FRIED APPLE PIE which is so Southern and so friggin' tasty...Jessi, you were right!)


Mrs. Allroro said…
Is it the twice as stinky farm? If so, I went there in fifth grade and thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Looks more like that orchard with the same last name of a girl we went to high school with. Am I right?

And I'm so glad the kids were amenable to you driving straight through!
Suze said…
Yes, it's Evans. No need to be all secret about it :)
Tooz said…
I'm glad you're having a good Kentucky visit! We may run into one another--we're leaving at the end of the week for vacation, and I don't know how long you'll be here. I hope you have a really good visit.
Caffeine Girl said…
You couldn't ask for better young travelers. They definitely deserved the trip to the orchard.
Anonymous said…
Mrs. Allroro,
Double Stink farm sold their land to the Catholic Church some years ago. Fortunately Evans filled the gap.
Frau G.
Jessi said…
So glad the trip went smoothly. Brynna's class is taking their field trip there on Friday and she is bouncing off the walls about it. That playground is the coolest.

And I told you about the fried apple pies. Oh, my. I may have to run out some night after work.
Mrs. Allroro said…
I just think that's the funniest name for a farm. I was just playing with the name. I'm a little sad it's closed--just because the name's so funny. :-( Glad you had a good time. Your kids rock.
Claire said…
Glad to hear you made it and made it happily!

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