You know, when you've lived in Wisconsin for nearly a decade, as I have, your personal definitions of "good weather" and "bad weather" shift, as do your notions of what is "warm" and what is "cold." The other day the temperature barely cracked 40, and I wore flip-flops the whole day without so much as a shiver. Mostly, it was because I couldn't find any matching socks. But the way I see it, the fact that wearing mismatched socks drives me bonkers more than not wearing socks when it could potentially be snowing outside proves that I have toughened up to some degree.

Today the sun was out and it was warm (52), so we took an impromptu trip to Eplegaarden. Now, I have mixed feelings about this place. I've only been twice, and the first time was a while ago, maybe when I was pregnant with Daniel. It's always busy and crowded. There are the usual u-pick fruits and squash, plus wagon rides, concessions, corn maze, a playground and in the fall a haunted house and they charge you for ALL OF IT. The wagon ride is $4/person unless you're under two. Ditto the corn maze. Ditto the haunted house. They even charge you to go down the slide on the playground. Not that you have to do any of those things, of course, but it's a little annoying. On the other hand, it is a local farm with lots of yummy produce, and those other things, as gimmicky as they are, bring in the crowds of people, including kids who can see how some of their local food is grown, so if that keeps them in the chips, more power to 'em.

(We did do the wagon ride, and it was pretty fun. Just saying.)

We also found ourselves a 30# pumpkin and carved it into a jack-o-lantern. Daniel was the Creative Director on this project. He requested triangle eyes and a round nose, and when I asked him if it should be happy or sad, he said "sad." The fangs and eyebrows were my idea.

We are very proud of our jack-o-lantern. I found three tealight candles to put inside, and all evening we've been ducking outside to watch him glow on the front porch. We'll see how long he lasts. The neighborhood squirrels are not generally shy when it comes to decimating local works of pumpkin art.


Becca said…
I am compelled to comment that Christopher and Daniel have the same taste in shoes. I have had to buy that pair in three different sizes--so far--because Christopher loves them so much.
Jessi said…
We have one of those, Evan's Orchard. We actually love it and go two or three times a year, and sadly I shell out for everything. I mainly go for fried apple pies. Is that entirely southern?
Suze said…
Fried apple pies? That's QUITE southern! (and sounds delicious)
Jessi said…
You can't imagine. Oh so good.
Animal said…
A 30-lb. pumpkin?!? What did you do, roll it Linus-like back to the car??

Yeah, Uncle John's Cider Mill just up the road is the same deal. Tons o'fun, but everything costs. *shrugs* You make a good point about it being local, so I'm happy to spend the dough.
Suze said…
Animal, Animal, Animal. I haven't spent the last 3.75 years lifting kids for nothin'! I muscled that sucker across the field. Then Stu took a turn carrying it up the road. Then we scored a wheelbarrow to get it to the car.

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