We're heading into mid-October here in Wisconsin, which means that truly warm weather is gone for good, and mostly it's chilly and gloomy, but every once in a while the sun makes an appearance to cheer everyone up. Fortunately, yesterday was one of those days, so we went apple-picking with my friend Pat (the same Pat who found that awesome u-pick raspberry farm where we went three weeks in a row).

She picked a good place, Door Creek Orchard:

They have sheep!

Anya was pretty stoked about carrying a bag herself.

She got tired of her hat, though.

We walked allllll the way up the hill to the upper orchard past the sheep and the barn and the grape vines...and then it occurred to us that with two little kids and a lot of heavy apples, perhaps a wagon would be helpful. So Pat went and got one.

Anya was not interested in picking apples, as it turned out. She plopped right down between the trees and staged a protest.

Daniel was pretty thrilled with apple-picking, though. There were lots of low-hanging fruit for his eager hands.

They enjoyed the wagon ride back down the hill.

And it was so nice outside we sat down for a picnic and completely lost track of time.

It was a really lovely day.

Now what am I going to do with all these apples? Mmmmm.

ETA: For anyone wanting to know what varieties we came home with, there is a whole bag of Cortlands, a bag of about half Empires and half Jonafrees, and Daniel's bag was a hodge-podge of whatever was in reach!


Rachel said…
What a lovely day! Oooooh, lucky you! Applesauce and applecake and sausage with apples and stewed apples in your oatmeal...
Anonymous said…
What varieties did you get?
Caffeine Girl said…
I used to love apple-picking with my kids. Anya's protest is quite cute. And the kids look so adorable in their handknits.
Pam said…
Awesome post! I love apple picking and your post made me super jealous! :-)

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