As Anya is asserting her own personality more and more (especially since turning 2 last month), it has been interesting to me to notice the differences between her and Daniel.

Daniel reminds me SO MUCH of my younger brother when he was little. He is fascinated with how things wok and will ask me about the function of every single button on the remote control (most are a mystery to me, honestly). He is frighteningly adept at using the computer. He is long and lanky and can climb anything with agility and speed and grace. He loves to build things; the current favorite toy is the wooden marble run he got for Christmas. He's very good at things like puzzles and remembering how to spell words after I've written them down for him. He can count to 100. He can also be so frustratingly stubborn and sometimes only pays attention to me when he feels like it.

Of course, some of these things Anya can't do yet because she's younger (if she could spell words already, I'd be worried), but I can just tell she has different talents and interests. For one thing, she loves to sit with me on the piano bench and watch while I practice. Sometimes she plays along (i.e. whacking at the treble keys), and the other day she turned on my metronome and started smacking random keys in perfect time to the beat. She is sensitive and shy, but when she chooses to give you her affection, it is completely sincere and will melt your heart. At Christmas, she gave everyone fist bumps and hugs before bedtime. She can sit with you on the couch and read books indefinitely; yesterday I had to lie and say that the Clifford collection (remember Clifford the Big Red Dog?) was overdue and we couldn't keep it any longer because I thought my head would explode if I had to read "Clifford's Good Deeds" one. more. time.

It's cool to see them grow and change.


Steph said…
Oh, how this post makes me miss the kiddos!
Pam said…
Awww... What a sweet post!! I am so happy that you started a blog so that I could be a witness to all of this wonderful magic.

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