random Tuesday

1. I went to the doctor yesterday because I think I'm getting an ear infection. I got them constantly as a kid; it seemed like there was always a big pink bottle of amoxicillin in the fridge waiting to be chugged. It's probably been 20 years since I've had an ear infection, though, and I forgot how much they hurt. Fortunately, there's a possibility that this will clear up on its own with the aid of decongestants and plenty of tylenol. And except that everything sounds like I'm listening from inside a tank of water, I feel fine otherwise.

2. I went to buy Sudafed at the drugstore yesterday and had to hand over my driver's license and sign all kinds of stuff verifying that I have no intention of making anything illegal out of those little red pills.

3. I hope my ears clear up by the weekend because I'm leading the singing in a wedding service on Saturday and it would really suck to be singing off-key.

4. I'm also playing all the music for the prelude and processional and candle-lighting, etc, with a violinist who is a friend of the bride, and, it turns out, a fellow Doctor of Musical Arts from the UW. It's great fun to play with her.

5. I don't have anything to wear to this wedding. I realized Sunday morning that I don't own a dress. Not a single one. Not unless you count a maternity dress I made when I was pregnant with Daniel, but obviously I can't wear it, not with dignity, anyway. I own one skirt that I bought at a vintage store 5 years ago, but that's not nice enough for a wedding. I suppose I'll make due with my small collection of "accompanist" clothes and hope I'm not underdressed.

6. I've agreed to play for several graduate auditions next weekend at the school of music, and after receiving some of the music, I think I am drastically undercharging these folks. It's too late to change my fee, though, since I already told them what I'll be charging. One singer in particular is doing a whole pile of music that is beastly difficult. Why do I do this to myself, I wonder? Agree to play, not charge enough, then stress out about how hard it is...what's wrong with me?

7. At least that gets me playing again. I didn't really make any resolutions for the new year, but I want to crawl out from my proverbial rock of full-time motherhood and try to do a few more gigs. I've got my sitter reserved for more hours, so I'm hoping I can at least break even with childcare.

8. It seems like I'll never be in a position to actually make any money. That depresses me. Oh well. At least Stuart is good at what he does, and what he does is more lucrative than trying to pass as a professional musician by spending an entire day playing auditions for less than the cost of one weeks' groceries.


katie said…
suze, you should go to a chiropractor for ear infections. it works great for my kids, and it's much better than chugging antibiotics!
Pam said…
Yay gigs!! Do it!! You're awesome! :-)

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