sunshine and static

My big plans for yesterday were to go to the grocery store because we were running dangerously low on vegetables, coffee and toilet paper. I'm not sure which of those things would be at the tip-top of the priority list, honestly. Probably the coffee. Anyway, just as I was going to get us ready to leave, a friend called out of the blue to say she was going to a local yarn/coffee shop and would we like to meet her there? I thought for a minute. The kids were coughing too much to play with other kids, but finally well enough to venture out of the house. Was it okay to go to a café? Could I make a reasonable dinner out of what was left in the fridge? Yes, and yes, I decided. So we went and had a lovely time.

(Anya and I went for groceries this morning while Daniel was in his preschool class. We are now well-stocked and will not be forced to forage outside under the snow for dried leaves if the current roll of TP runs out...)


Jessi said…
Sounds nice. Love the matchy matchy shirts, by the way.
Pam said…
Yay for impromptu yarn and coffee!
Agent M. said…
Could you throw some of the toilet paper my way? I mistakenly bought paper towels, thinking it was toilet paper on my last trip to the store. I need to pay better attention! Oooops! :)

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