Sept. 1: good-bye, summer!

Fall is here. Two days ago it was hot enough to go to the pool and turn on the a/c, but today is September the First and it is relatively cool and rainy. The garden looks tired, and even some of the weeds are starting to droop. I haven't bothered with sunscreen for me or the kids in the last week, and except for a little pink on the back of Daniel's neck, it hasn't seemed to matter. The days are shorter, dark comes quickly in the evening and lingers later in the morning.

Most importantly, today is the first day of school. Madison's public schools start today and parents all over the city are breathing a collective sigh of relief. The teachers are not, but since it is only day one, most everyone is fresh-faced and energetic. Daniel's best friend across the street has his first day of Kindergarden, something Daniel will experience about a year from now. Already, I'm feeling pangs in my heart about that, along with some ambivalence. Part of me is afraid I won't be ready to turn him over to an institution all day, every day, and another part of me - the part that is exhausted from answering his questions and entertaining him all day long (there is only so much hide-and-seek I can take in a morning, people) - can't wait. It's all part of watching a child grow up, I suppose.

I think I am finally ready to say good-bye to summer, now that it seems like it's really over. I was in a funk about it for a while during the month of August, a funk I was finally able to shake last week when I took the kids for a final mini-road trip to see my friend Stephanie in rural Southwest Wisconsin. For two days, we ran free outside, explored her attic toy closet, ate little ripe tomatoes and arugula right from her vegetable garden (sometimes right in the vegetable garden), ate our meals whenever we felt like it, soaked in the sunshine, sat in the hammock, stayed up too late, and generally had a great time.

Now it's time to get down to business. I have a duet recital to plan and practice for. I've volunteered to co-teach/assist a preschool class at a local community center. We have a basement renovation to prepare for (and pay for). Anya need to potty-train (we're off to a very slow start). I want to try and do some more accompanying at the School of Music, which means setting a schedule I can manage and find a sitter who can accommodate that - neither of these are easy tasks. Towards the middle of August, all this had me overwhelmed, even though these are all things to look forward to, not to dread. But I just wasn't ready for it. Now, I am.

C'mon, fall. Bring. It. On.


Anonymous said…
Glad to hear you are having nice fall weather up there in the great white north. Around here in the shallow south, we are experiencing at 4pm, on this second day of meteorological autumn, a temperature of 94 degrees. At least the dew point is low. But the sun is hot, hot, hot.


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