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So once upon a time, a long loooong time ago (as in Before Facebook Existed) I signed up for Hi5 for some reason. You know, someone invited me so I signed up and forgot about it. I've logged into that site, like, two times, maybe three. One of those times was about 5 minutes ago and somehow I ended up inviting every single person in my entire gmail address book to be my friend on Hi5, which makes me feel pretty silly and lame. (I might add that I'm really perturbed that this site is so predatory that it sucks your whole address book into the welcome page and automatically sends everyone in it an invitation unless you uncheck each one individually...lesson learned, I suppose.) So if you got an email from me just now inviting you to be my friend, please please ignore it. I will probably never bother to login to that site again (I blog, but I don't do social networking online). This is seriously'd think I know better by now!

It's been a long day. Trust me.

(Well, as my own husband, WHO JUST GOT INVITED TO BE MY FRIEND ON HI5, just pointed out to me, it could be worse.)

ETA: I have spent the entire morning trying to email everyone on my contact list to explain this gaff. Now gmail thinks I'm a spammer and won't let me send any email to more than one person! I managed to send messages to everyone up to names starting with the letter "R"...I think I'll take a break from cyberspace for a while.


Becca said…
Aw. And here I thought you liked me; you really liked me. :D
Anonymous said…
So now you want 600 people to know that you aren't their friend?

Jessi said…
Oh, well. Who hasn't done this? Or something like it. Although that fail is classic. Never send anything over the airwaves you wouldn't send to your mother.
Anonymous said…
Making mistakes can also happen with snail mail. Many years ago a friend of mine (and I emphasize it was not me) wrote two letters and mistakenly put them in the wrong envelopes. Quite embarrassing.

Hmmm. That "friend" site apparently stayed alive for quite some time, even if inactive. I wonder about my old hotmail account which I have not used in years. I can't check it, and don't want to check it, because I have forgotten my screen name and my password.


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