shucking corn

ETA: It seems I still have a few things to learn. I got the following email this afternoon from my mother, after she saw this post:

Dear Susan,

Not having grown up on a farm, you missed out on some vocab, and I take full responsibility for not having taught you: Taking the green husks off the ear of a corn is husking; removing the yellow (or white) kernels from the cob after they have dried is shucking.


Thanks, Mom!!


Animal said…
Aww, shucks! Ain't fall great?

I didn't know the difference, either. Your kids get cuter every day!
Jessi said…
Anya is getting so big!!

Husking is much, much more fun than shucking in my opinion. :) I think I knew this difference at some point, but must have forgotten it.
Anonymous said…
Today at the Senior Lunch I brought up the topic of husking corn. I was sitting between Linda A. and Betsy S., who both said they didn't say "husking corn", they said "shucking" when removing the outer leaves from an ear of corn. We polled Pat B. and Don H. at the next table and they agreed on "shucking." Those people are all Southerners. Carolyn J., who grew up in Indiana, and Elaine F., who is from Ohio, agreed with me. So it seems that I was out of line to correct you on this matter. It is simply a matter of regional dialect. And you grew up a Southerner.
Lydia said…
I thought the same thing as you
Pam said…
I also learned that it was called shucking from my Mom and Grandma, who are both from rural Illinois...

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