2 reasons to join a community garden



Seriously, a big reason I pursued getting a community garden plot closer to home this year was for my kids. (We had one last year, but it was kind of a trek to get there, so it didn't work out so well, especially when we hit the hot, dry part of the summer when tomatoes fail and weeds take over.) They - and I - can learn so much from this experience. We learn how important it is to take care of your plants nearly every day by watering them and pulling out the weeds. Right now with more hours of daylight, it's exciting to see how fast those little plants grow; the green patch Daniel is looking at in that first picture is some arugula that was barely sprouting at the beginning of last week.

In fact, Daniel is more enthusiastic about this whole garden business than I could have imagined. I know, it looks like Anya is more gung-ho from the picture, but after posing for a picture and a couple trips with the watering can, she lost interest. Not that I blame her, you understand. She's only three years old, and that watering can is heavy even when half-full. Daniel, though, could barely contain his excitement when he saw how our plants were growing. He can fill the watering can himself from the water barrels by our garden plots, and he is very good about making sure that water goes where it needs to. (With Anya, it's a little more hit-and-miss, but that's okay.) He also loves meeting our gardening neighbors and chattered practically non-stop to the woman in the plot next to ours this afternoon. She didn't seem to mind, fortunately.


Animal said…
I just spaded over our own garden plot. Ugh…now my back is killing me!
Pam said…
What a great idea! Love it!

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