stupid blogger

Blogger ate my last post! And there were some interesting comments, too. According to their status page, posts were only supposed to be removed temporarily, but clearly they have not resolved this. I'll try and write up another gardening post soon.

In the meantime, let's all wish my little brother congratulations! This weekend he graduates from Virginia Tech with his PhD in Electrical Engineering. Smartypants. Hip, hip hooray for Doctor Joe!!

ETA: It seems my previous post is back up, though without the comments. I still plan to do a follow-up at some point.


Tamika said…
I lost 3 posts.....
I wish Jamie knew Joe. Jamie is seriously contemplating a double major in electrical engineering and computer science when he goes to college.

Congrats, Joe!
Anonymous said…
It was a long afternoon. Left the house at 1pm, and the coliseum at 5pm. The high point was, of course, seeing your brother hooded; like a "delta function" of delight in an otherwise pretty dull and bottom numbing afternoon. not to mention the humidity. (Feel free to ask your brother what a delta function is. And don't let him get away with saying it is the derivative of the Heaviside Function.)

Pictures? Absolutely no guarantee. But I tried.


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