it ain't over yet

The weather has turned chilly, windy and wet. Shitty weather on a Saturday in Wisconsin, what a perfect time for a protest!

You see, it's not over yet. The recount in the Prosser vs. Kloppenburg race for Wisconsin Supreme Court is ongoing (though I'm afraid it doesn't look too good for Kloppenburg at this point). Governor Scott Walker hasn't backed down from his union-busting policies, and the last few weeks he's introduced so many policies that gut programs for the poor and middle class and vulnerable citizens, not to mention the environment and public education, it's hard to keep up with it all.

I think Walker was expecting this to just blow over.

I think he was expecting us to get tired of protesting his terrible policies and just go home.

He needs to think again. I heard one speaker at today's rally say the crowd was 20,000. Granted, that's small by standards of the protests a few months ago (when temperatures were well below freezing), but it's still 20,000 people. Several Republican senators (I think the count is up to 8) are up for recall July 12 of this year, and way more than enough people have pledged to sign a petition for a recall election in 2012 as soon as Scott Walker has been in office long enough to be kicked out.

We were there, with our children and our signs.

No, this ain't over. Not by a long shot. We have had enough.


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