energized by the recall

Lately I've been experiencing a bit of ennui. I think it's the shorter days, the chill in the air, the fact that I am between playing gigs (I should be getting music for a new opera any day now, though) and the feeling of being a little stuck in a rut before everything ramps up for the holidays.

Happily, this week I have a new distraction: the effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch) for all the terrible stuff he has done since taking office in January of this year. Yesterday was the first day petitions began to circulate, and today I went to recall HQ to pick up my own hastily-made clipboard (it is seriously kludgy - thin particle board with a jumbo paper clip on the top, and they wanted a $1 donation for it, which I willingly contributed) and stack of petitions to circulate. I've picked up several signatures from people in the neighborhood and parents at the preschool already. This Saturday I've agreed to spend the entire day with several hundred other volunteers circulating petitions at a big rally (yo, if you live around here there is a BIG RALLY ON SATURDAY AT THE CAPITOL SQUARE). It will be cold, and it will probably rain, but as I always say, what's a protest in Madison without shitty weather?


Rachel said…
Susan, I'm so glad to here that the push to get Walker out is on! I miss being a part of it all, but I'm happy that Ohio gave the movement some boost! Miss you guys, say hi to all, Sam

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