We had a great Halloween. Really, we did. School was out last Thursday and Friday for a teachers' convention, my parents drove up to visit during the break, the kids had adorable costumes (Daniel was a skunk! Anya was a ghost!), we went trick-or-treating and went to a neighborhood bonfire, and we celebrated my mom's birthday, all of which was so exciting we could hardly stand it.

But I didn't take a single picture of any of that stuff.* Not even the adorable costumes. Because sometimes I'm a sucky mommy-blogger. (Also, I kind of hate the term "mommy blogger." It implies that you shouldn't take me seriously. You should take me seriously. I'm very serious.)

As if this makes up for it, here is a short series of pictures of Anya playing in the leaves in our back yard this afternoon. Enjoy.

*All is not lost. My mom did take some pictures before trick-or-treating. When she sends them I'll post the good ones!


ann said…
If I begged you, and if you begged them, do you think you could get your babies back in their costumes, and get some pics? Please? They sound awesome. I would also love to have seen pics of your mom's birthday, as I am sure there were lots of beautiful smiles all around.
Suze said…
Ann :)
My mom took a few pictures of the kids in costumes. I'll post them when she emails them to me!
Jessi said…
You are totally serious! So am I.

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