summer is here

Daniel entered school this morning as a kindergartener and left it an hour and a half later a first grader (no, he didn't leave early - they just had a really, really short day). It's incredible to me how much he has grown in the last nine months, physically, emotionally and intellectually. He had an absolutely wonderful teacher, made some good friends and overall just flourished. I dare say I learned a lot, too.

Anya had a pretty awesome year of preschool. She is naturally shy and cautious about new people and environments, but at the same time she has an incredibly strong sense of self. She knows who she is and what she wants, by golly, and the preschool she attended this last year nourished exactly those qualities of hers. She is more confident, communicates her feelings much better, and she formed deep and loyal bonds with several children in her class and her teachers.

Today, after picking up Daniel from his very, very short day at school, the three of us went to a nearby state park to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation with playtime at the little beach and a picnic. There weren't many people there so we mostly had the place to ourselves. It was wonderful.

Here's to summer!


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